Find a store nearby to buy DL ROELEN FRAGRANCES


Anne Gallwé
Büchel 7-9, 52062 Aachen, Germany

Anne Gallwé Beauty is named after the founder who became more than just a business partner within a couple of months. Anne has a very good sense for human energies, which is why (over the last decade) she has been an early mover with many brands before they became successful. Whether you are living in Aachen or planning to visit the “home to Charlemagne the Great”, please take the time to pay Anne and her team a visit.


Harald Lubner
grosse Bleichen 23, 20354 Hamburg Germany

Harald and his team are simply incredible. Not only do they offer Hamburgs finest selection of fragrances but their service and their honest friendliness are just on another level. I can say from my heart that I wouldn’t wanna be in any other place in Hamburg. Thanks for having me.


S—PLY Store
10 Great Eastern Street
EC2A 3NT London

S—PLY Store is a specialist for artist merchandise and curated brand collaborations that go beyond trends and focus on personal identity. It is run by my friends of UNION IV, who manage the UK artist IAMDDB.

S—PLY is open on 7 days per week.


the perfumery Barcelona
Carrer de Sant Pere més Alt, 58, 08003 Barcelona, spain

The Perfumery Barcelona is located in El Born, in the heart of the city. Thomas and Raul are two fragrance aficionados and you will hardly get a better consultation anywhere nearby. We share the passion for long weekends and vibrant parties. make sure to stop by whenever you are in town. Check their website for opening hours and special events.


Steinstr. 17, 10119 berlin, Germany

First thing when someone enters Nicole’s store, they will be offered a glass of water. Nicole and her team are specialized in skin treatments and their holistic philosophy starts with beauty treatment from within. On top of their skin care and fragrance selection, an arabic barbier offers excellent hair and barber work in the basement.

They are open Monday till Saturday, 10:00h - 19:00h